Nglanggeran Represents primary tropical rainforests that still leaves the diverse of wild herbs. The site has a database of potential plant debris in the zone of Baturagung (mountain Gunung Kidul north side). This site displays a small portion of the wealth of biodiversity in Baturagung zone. is concern on science and biodiversity, particularly from Indonesia. We identify types of plants in several regions in Indonesia, especially in the mountainous region of Gunung Kidul, mountains Merapi and Candi Ijo, named Herbarium Baturagung.

We are in the process of digitizing our collections, which should enable international users to have quick access to botanical collections from the herbaria. It is our main goal to provide a unified and jointly administered specimen management system for the participating herbaria. Special attention is paid to providing images for all material online and especially high resolution images for type collections.

Herbarium Baturagung

Research programs at - Herbarium Baturagung (HBA) includes to document and understand plant diversity, to transfer the taxonomic expertise developed to various users the service, which includes transferring of taxonomic expertise gained through our studies through vegetation map, species distributional map, construction of identification key (field guide and electronic interactive keys), online plant identification resources, online specimen catalogues, and plant identification services to students, researchers, forests department officials and visiting scientists.

Team Members

Principal investigator: Widodo & Muhammad Ja'far Luthfi | Web development: Integrated Project | Botany Lab: Evie Asmayanty, Azkiya Zahrotus Syarifah, Rakhmiyati, Wahida Amalina, Miftahul Huda, Afrizal Setiabudi, Indra Setiawan, M. Rayif, and the member of Center for Integrative Zoology


All Herbarium images's copyright belong to the principal investigator (Widodo & M. Ja'far Luthfi)
Images banner Gloriosa superba, Pavetta indica, Fagraea ceilanica Loganiaceae (by Widodo & M. Ja'far Luthfi) use EasyZoom (jQuery image zoom) by Matt Hinchliffe for image zoomer


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